WHO Financial Protection Forum


The World Health Organization is pleased to announce the WHO Barcelona Forum on Financial Protection in Europe to be held from 14-15 June 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

A two-day forum on financial protection – affordable access to health care – organized by the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Financing to raise awareness of trends in Europe, set the agenda for change and foster policy action.

Keep up to date with the evidence:

Join us for the release of a new report on financial protection and the launch of UHC Watch, an online platform monitoring financial hardship, unmet need, health spending and coverage policy in over 40 countries in the WHO European Region.

Set the agenda for change:

Drawing on evidence, analysis and good practice from across the region, the forum will identify what needs to change and why, challenge conventional thinking on coverage policy in Europe and propose a move away from business as usual.

Foster policy action:

Hear from the reformers. Share your experience of how you’ve made progress (or not). Debate policy options and implementation. Find out what works and what to avoid – policy dos and don’ts. Learn from country experience. Network with other experts.

The forum will show that progress is possible where there is political commitment to future-proof health systems, building their resilience to economic, pandemic, cost of living, climate and other shocks.

Topics to be covered at the meeting:


Provisional agenda will be posted here soon